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Apart from Italy the numerous outside playing football, cheap ESO Gold there are only women anchor D ' Amico-she is the rumored girlfriend of Buffon, it is understood that Italy goalkeeper and divorce saileiduowa D ' Amico's intervention, Italy some other legends figure also appeared in Brazil at the World Cup, including Fabio Cannavaro and Christian Vieri. In the day of the opening match of the World Cup, Brazil live in the Studio, Fabio Cannavaro and Patrick Vieira narrowly escaped Brazil World Cup shooting protesters. Protesters gathered in the ITV Studio, outdoor, banner says "Fifa go home" signs. Video display, Studio Glass cracking by protesters throwing stones a longtime France TV 1 guest partner with lizarazu and arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger to explain Brazil's World Cup, they have ESPN Spain 1-5Netherlands game. Dutch war of explanations on the table of the big gathering in the West, there is another Chinese fans are familiar with old friend, a former Spain and Chinese coach Jose Antonio Camacho as Spain TV station announcer has seen death Matador ESPN commentary guest is Netherlands legendary striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, he goes in the Studio anchor, who insists that the Kos Tower diving should not be liable to a penalty. ESPN anchors asked, "Van Nistelrooy, it was a penalty it? "Van Nistelrooy firmly replied:" certainly not penalty! "Another explanation guests Lalas believes" clearly was a penalty ", Martinez also agrees," I think this is a penalty. "Van Nistelrooy continued responded:" Coase is obviously went back with their feet in the foot of the tower and then fell, this is the penalty? "Malicious Lalas then cut in to," have you ever done it? "But the Netherlands man replied:" this is another matter. ”

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