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Brazil local time December 5, fifa 14 coins for sale FIFA announced has draw points document results, Brazil, and Spain, and Germany, and Argentina, and Colombia, and Belgium, and Uruguay and Switzerland was as seeded, second document for South America and the African team (Chile, and Ecuador, and Côte d ' Ivoire, and Ghana, and Algeria, and Nigeria, and Cameroon), third document for Asia and the in the North America team (Australia, and Iran, and Japan, and Korea, and Costa Rica, and Mexico, and Honduras, and United States), fourth document is is European team (Bosnia, and Croatia, England, France, and Greece, and Italy and the Netherlands, and Portugal, and Russia) before the ballot began, on a large screen through the short film form, just passed away South Africa's former President Nelson Mandela pay tribute to, the old man has a puzzling affair with soccer. Site feiernandalima as well as luodeligexierbote through large-screen led everyone in the audience a simple understanding of the host country Brazil. Then, Samba, Rap Star and singer aerxiaonei aimixida joint appearances, dedicated for everyone's song called "tambourine on Brazil." FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Brazil President Dilma was invited on stage, a standing ovation for Mandela's silence. Then, Dilma hosts promise will host the most successful World Cup in history. Sepp Blatter, believes the World Cup is the time to return to Brazil, hoping that all the fans to enjoy football in the summer feast on a large screen to bring you reviews in the past 19 World Cup from 1930 Uruguay 4Years ago in South Africa. As defending champion Spain coach Vicente del Bosque with trophy in hand walked to the center of the stage, the trophy to the scheduled location, he said: "we look forward to won the World Cup, but rivals are strong. "What is a group of highly Brazil features Duet performances of men and women, damata and Robert Pires are the tropical movement representative figure of musical genres.

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