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In Brazil for more than 30 days, is the most special 5-year career for more than 30 days. Brazil, the World Cup, are both key words will be enough to make people exciting, went through a month of turbulence, noise, excitement, partying all the cheap fifa 15 coins ps3 emotions this burst on the football extravaganza on July 13. May not mark, may appeared had such as of problem, but Brazil in this moment left I of only two a word--moved maracana is Brazil football of St Temple, this is one world concern of World Cup finals, closing Shang huge of Brazil flag and Shakira enthusiasm of song echo, Chair back and feet of ground are has in trembling, finals in the and no Brazil team of figure, but this also does not hamper Brazil people will maracana Stadium into another a Carnival of by, because football of happy has far beyond has those vendetta, and The enmity between just seen flying on the football pitch has been satisfied, the pure and simple, and let people move on June 26, Curitiba, North Africa Fox Algeria 51 qualified for the playoffs for the first time, it is Curitiba's last World Cup game, staff have begun to clean up the site a few hours after the game, but Algeria fans didn't want to leave, they go screaming "thank you, thank you, Curitiba!" Until my throat hoarse insistence that half a century, and a dream come true and happy after venting, let people move against Brazil team one-fourth final after losing James. Rodriguez left a sad tears but David.Louis also is to has he a greatly of embrace, audience Brazil audience with applause and cheers encourages this initial boarded World Cup field on playing into 6 ball of genius, does not because he is visitors of players on has does stingy, beyond borders of battle phase cherish, let people moved Yes, here of details may not perfect, here has slum, has robbers, and drug traffickers, and stray who, has not mark of timetable not mark of clerk, but don't forget has, this is a population over 200 million of national, development changing, through World Cup,, Global of people are understanding to has this national efforts, and active, and up of side from 2010 to 2018, World Cup will continuous three session in "BRIC national" for, this is emerging economic body to world of a declaration, throwing opened misunderstanding, and heavy tree image, this inclusive, and open-minded of attitude, stand proudly of posture, also also let people moved with for "BRIC national" of China, distance Brazil World Cup does not distant, advertising brand, and equipment supplies, and souvenirs, are with heavy of China elements, but in football Shang see, China still far from the World Cup, hopes Brazil World Cup influence, plagued by accusations of Chinese football can truly stand up one day, and Chinese fans are moving again. (Xinhua reporters Lin Deren)

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